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Dermabliss is thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of treatments that provide effective solutions to the myriad of issues that affect all skin types.

We believe in mimicking the natural function of the skin; so by using only naturally based biological ingredients we will help your skin repair itself, enhance its appearance, preserve its delicate balance and assist in protecting it from the ravages of 21st century living.

Our facials use advances in science that not only respect the skin’s natural functions, but restore and maintain them.

Our clinic is happy to tailor a program of treatments for your individual needs ultising the very latest Pier Augé technology. All Pier Auge products work with the skin rather than merely acting on it to create the best environment for your skin. By adopting specific products available for home care, you can continue to enhance the results obtained from your in-clinic treatment.

Our clinic also stocks products by Allmedic and Beauté Pacifique.

Pier Augé Skin Care Products

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In 1961, Pierre J. Augé, a qualified biochemist, found that the skin has specific needs and that only substances corresponding to its specific chemistry could maintain its funcitons and restore them. By creating the Base Dergyl, Pier Augé was the first to provide the skin with what it is made of – proteins, lipids, biostimulints, vitamins and what it needs to defend and protect itself naturally.

This philosophy, to mimic our own skin through ingredients, is respected in each new line developed by Pier Augé’s research laboratories. This work is now co-ordinated by his daughter Catherine Auge, who mirrors her father in demanding perfection. Ingredients are selected from the latest developments in biotechnology and cosmetological research in order to provide us with products to enhance and preserve youth and radiance, and to correct skin conditions.

Dermabliss is proud to provide Pier Augé’s  unique of products that will treat skin whilst pampering your senses.

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Allmedic Skin Care Products – Formulated by Doctors

Allmedic™ is a medical skin health company owned and operated by a team of Australian Doctors and Scientists who are passionate about skin repair products and treatments.

The allmedic™ product range has been developed exclusively by Doctors for Doctors and is affordable, simple, yet effective. Our clinical grade cleansers, skin repair and protection products, suitable for men and women, have been designed to be used in sequence and are suitable for all Australian skin types. The products are fragrance free, biologically active, and free of phthalates, parabens, artificial colourants and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

Mild, moderate and severe sun damaged and aged skin will benefit from the allmedic™ product range, which is exclusively available at Doctor’s Clinics only.

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Beauté Pacifique Skin Care Products

Launched in 1977, Beauté Pacifique specialise in products that cause the skin’s structure to rejuvenate, significantly improving the skin’s characteristics such as strength, density, texture and resilience. The thicker the skin is, the stronger the collagen and elastin fibres are in the entire depth of skin.

Each Beauté Pacifique product has a mission to heal, restore and improve skin conditions, which are seen not only in the top layers of the skin, but the underlying structure.

Beauté Pacifique uses a unique, patented nanotechnology system to deliver Vitamins and Active Ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin, to create real results.

Beauté Pacifique skin care products are Denmark’s leading cosmeceutical brand that is used by leading dermatologists, physicians and clinical skincare specialists all over the world.

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