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We only use the most trusted brands of
Skin Care Products


Beauté Pacifique

Since 1997, the Danish skin care range, has grown into an internationally recognised brand.


Beaute Pacifique uses Vitamin A esters, which are a lot gentler on the skin, offering all the benefits of Vitamin A without the side effects of a Retinol.


The unique delivery system encapsulates the Vitamin A esters in nanometer sized droplets of squalene which penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate cells, synthesising lost collagen for a more youthful looking skin.


The range of products are ideal for reducing excessive oiliness and breakouts associated with acne. The high strength Vitamin A esters used also greatly assist in repairing sun damaged skin and more generally Vitamin A is a super effective anti-ageing ingredient, for building collagen and elastin.


Beaute Pacifique provides you with a scientifically proven, award winning, active skincare and nutraceutical ranges that visibly repair and rebuild the collage fibre structure by penetrating the entire depth of the skin.

Pier Augé

French biochemist, Pier Auge developed a range of skincare products in 1961 after discovering that only substances that truly correspond to the specific chemistry of the skin could keep it in optimum health.


The philosophy of Pier Auge is to create products that mimic our own skin and to address skin concerns from the inside out.


Our skin is made of multiple components, including proteins, vitamins, lipids and biostimulants and so the skincare products are formulated with ingredients that most closely match our skin’s own natural ingredients.


Pier Auge has developed an extensive range of products to ensure they can help everyone solve their skin problems and restore balance in their skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, giving it protection, replenishing and keeping it in optimum health.


This range not only smells and feels luxurious but brings comfort, suppleness and provides nourishment for your skin.


At Dermabliss, we use Pier Auge products with our Signature Facials and Microdermabrasion Facials.