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Full Therapeutic Body Massage


Massage Therapy has stood the test of time. Research has confirmed what men and women have known throughout the ages -that Massage provides the following benefits:

1. Reduces and Relieves Aches and Pains

2. Soothes and Relieves Anxiety and Depression

3. Enhances your Immune System

4. Decreases your level of Stress and helps to lower your Blood Pressure

5. Relives Fatigue

6. Improves your Sleep

7. Raises your Alertness

8. Relieves Headaches and Tension

Prior or during your massage, please let us know if you would like adjustments to the room temperature, lighting level, music volume, level of massage pressure, or specific area concentration.

Your therapist will be pleased to help.

Full Body Exfoliation and Moisturising Treatment

Experience the beauty benefits of sea salt, essential oils, hot towels and hydrating body cream. Dermabliss rejuvenating body care services utilise the finest products available for ultimate results.

Vitamin C Revitalising Firming Body Wrap

This refreshing Body Wrap smells divine and helps to give the skin a big boost of vitamin C.

Vitamin C provides effective protection against free radicals and stimulates the formulation of collagen, the glue that holds our tissues together, reducing the loss fo firmness and suppleness.

Papaya and Lemon Revitalising Body Exfoliation

This invigorating body scrub contains papaya and lemon extracts and smells amazing. Its luxurious texture melts into the skin and glides effortlessly across the body leaving the skin feeling refreshed and silky.

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