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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I pick the right facial treatment for my skin?

If a dermatologist or other skin professional has recommended certain ingredients, simply ask us exactly what goes into each facial paste. But if you’re unsure and need direction, our professional skin care therapists are glad to help! We can provide a free skin assessment to determine what type of treatment would best fit your unique skincare needs.

Q: What can be treated with Intense Pulsed Light systems – IPL?

Dermabliss trained therapists offer a range of cost effective and professional treatments including:

• Permanent hair reduction
• The elimination of sun spots, freckles and other skin discoloration
• Removal of vascular lesions
• Skin rejuvenation
• Acne reduction

Q: Who is suitable for intense pulsed light treatments – IPL?

• Most people can have IPL treatment
• Your trained therapist should be able to determine your suitability
• Consult your Dr if you are not sure
• People who have been tanning or have dark skin may be at higher risk

Q: Does IPL treatment hurt?

• No skin desensitization is required
• You may feel a slight level of discomfort with each application
• This will reduce as the area being treated responds to the therapy

Q: Are there any side effects?

• Short term effects are possible
• Redness can occur in the area being treated
• This will disappear soon after the treatment

Q: What about down time after the treatment?

• Generally you can return to normal activities straight after
• A minimum of 2 weeks is required before exposure to sunlight

Q: Number of treatments and treatment frequency for each application:

• Permanent hair reduction: 8 – 10 treatments, spaced 2 – 8 weeks apart

• Sun spot reduction: 4 – 6 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart

• Vascular lesions: 4 – 6 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart

• Skin rejuvenation: 4 – 6 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart

• Acne treatments: may be ongoing weekly or fortnightly

Q: How long do IPL treatments take?

Your Intense Pulsed Light treatment takes around the same amount of time as a wax treatment for the same area. The first visit will be around 30 minutes to perform as we need to do a patch test and ask you some questions.

Q: Why do I have to have many IPL treatments for hair reduction?

IPL targets the hair compound called melanin, this give hair the colour (pigmentation). Melanin is most prevalent in hair during the early-anagen phase of hair growth, and hairs in this stage of growth are the ones most responsive to Intense Pulsed Light. Ongoing treatments are needed to catch each hair as it passes through this early-anagen stage of development, that may result due to hormonal fluctuations though out your life-time.

Q: Why are Laser/IPL treatments costly?

This simple reason for this is due to the high acquisition cost of machines, maintenance and the materials used during these treatments, are also very costly. However, when you consider the cost of waxing over the years, in addition to the time it takes out of your busy day – the benefits outweigh the initial upfront cost.

Q: Will I have to come back for repeat skin rejuvenation treatments?

In relation to vascular lesions – It will depend what the trigger was. In some cases, you may only require a few treatments and no follow up, on the other hand, skin conditions such as Rosacea, will need on-going maintenance and home care for the best possible results.

Q. What areas of the body can be treated?

Generally any part of the body can be treated. Exceptions include areas in close proximity to the eyes, the inner ear and nose.

The most popular areas for hair removal are the underarms, bikini, upper lip, chin, face, legs, back & chest.

The most popular areas for skin treatments are the face, arms, hands, décolletage and legs.

Q. What if I have allergies to an ingredient used in your products?

Dermabliss is committed to tailoring each treatment to suit your needs and we would never apply a treatment that may cause harm.

That’s why we only use products that have been rigorously trialled and tested. When it comes to allergies, it’s best to discuss the issue with us on the phone so that we can find a solution. Dermabliss will do everything possible to source a more suitable treatment product.

Q. Can I buy any beauty products from your clinic?

Of course. (We will insert more information soon)

Q. Do you offer makeup for weddings and formals?

No. Dermabliss focuses only on Skin Treatments.

Q. Do you offer any package deals?

Yes. Please check on the site or contact us on (07) 32094685 to find out more.

Q. Will the teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Certainly not. While performing teeth whitening DIY-style in the home can be dangerous to your teeth and gums, the Dermabliss team use products that have been rigorously trialled and tested. Plus, we take great care in the teeth whitening application process, guaranteeing 100% safety.